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'As human, knowledge'

Detail of  Phases continua and kinesthesia , 2018 Arís’ pastels belonging to the project ‘As human, knowledge’ depict the experience of thinking of young women who reflect on their inner temporality. To a woman who had study Philosophy in Chile, Argentina and Belgium, experiencing the slim chance of an authentic thinking within the scholarly field, the return to paying attention to the simplest gesture of reflection on her own must have been impossible in that environment to the point of making her move forward visual art. “Philosophy requires freedom”, she says, “Unfortunately, nowadays Academia cannot provide that. Visual art instead does it, even though it is an alternative scenario for thinking.”             One of her pastels is titled ‘The simultaneity of phases’. It portrays a simple woman who thinks about some formalizations of the inner temporality of consciousness. The scene seems to talk about a woman that hears elapsing noises around her, by a kind of awareness

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